Meet New People and Build on Current Relationships

We’re talking building both personal and business relationships here. It’s so much fun to meet new people and learn new things from them. Some of us might worry ourselves about meeting someone new almost to the point of being sick. I know that I used to worry, worry, worry about going to a new event and I used to worry, worry, worry about saying something silly around friends or colleagues. These days I don’t worry so much, I kind of let life happen and look forward to meeting those new people tomorrow. I get a little self-conscious sometimes of things that I say or do, but then a little bit is quite healthy – after all if we didn’t ‘worry’ at all about what we said… what would this world be? And you know practice and a bit of time might be all you need to get your confidence up in this area.


Ze Good Deed #7

Most importantly was to take my Children out for the day – spending the time with them!  This is an absolute necessity, to schedule in time with those who we love.  Every Tuesday (yesterday) is my day off and I spend the time with my family, I don’t turn this computer unless I really absolutely have to.  Do you have a scheduled day, or two, or three, or four which you take off?

Ze Good Deed Number 3

My excuse for not yet posting day 3 to 7  is that apparently I have been too busy to post, while still making the effort to keep those good deeds going.  Your probably rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself ‘not more excuses…’  I won’t guarantee a post for tomorrow because look where that went last time, LOL.

 Today I have decided I will do something for my husband being that he is a most important part of my life, mmm now let me think…  I think for our date night this evening we should watch a movie that is completely his choice.

Blogging about this is great as it keeps reminding me to think about what I might do for another person rather than them being absorbed into my everyday living.

Establishing Good Relationships

Just wanted to remind of just how important it is to establish a good solid longstanding relationships with family, friends, co-workers, business partners and clients.  To build a relationships on trust and good work ethic with those important in your life today.  In doing this your friendships should flourish and your business should grow as word gets around about your good solid work ethic.

Have you built your relationships on trust?  If not, maybe it’s time to re-examine your purpose in this world and refocus on what’s important.