Ze Good Deed #7

Most importantly was to take my Children out for the day – spending the time with them!  This is an absolute necessity, to schedule in time with those who we love.  Every Tuesday (yesterday) is my day off and I spend the time with my family, I don’t turn this computer unless I really absolutely have to.  Do you have a scheduled day, or two, or three, or four which you take off?


Ze Good Deed # 6

Boy this post has been a long time coming!!!  I have had some technical problems and haven’t been able to access my blog for about a month (through no fault of WordPress I might add).

So anyway for good deed number six I think I might help out someone I don’t know tomorrow in some shape or form.  I think I will leave it open see what comes about and report back tomorrow or Tuesday after the event!

Have a great week and have a think about what you might do this week to help out those around you?