Make Your Dreams Come True

Mmm, things make me think, oh so often.  Maybe I should do some training to teach my brain how to rest for just a little while, at the moment it very rarely takes a rest.  I am a Mum in business with so many responsibilities.  I love being with God and doing things for him, I love spending the time with my husband, I love running around and having fun with my children, I love catching up with friends, I love being a business entrepreneur and I want to be able to do the best in all that I do.  I get things completely wrong at times, I forget what’s most important.  I think we all do that at times, and then I remember again and I grow from this series of mini experiences called life.  I have learned to say ‘no’ over time, this is a very powerful tool to learn to use.  I have also had to relearn it, the mind can forget when the circumstances change sometimes.  I have learned to become my own person and I try not to worry about what others around me think.  This can be so hard, I think it is good to worry to a certain degree as I really believe that this is what keeps our values lined up with what is good.

Becoming a business entrepreneur had been a dream of mine for a real long time, since I finished school I think.  It hardly felt like it was reachable back then though.  It just so happened that it was not going to stay only in my dreams forever, now it is my past, present and future – and I’m so excited about this!  I have ideas, oh I have so many of ideas!  I’m that sort of person, the creative type that wants to experience so much.  Sometimes I seem to lack the patience while I am on the journey, but I have learnt just recently that it is a really good thing to be on the journey, that once I reach the final destination then what more would there be – so thinking about it I now look forward, and always want to be on that journey called life.

Maybe you are searching for what you want to do, to be?  If you have had a dream for a long time but didn’t think that you could reach it, please do know that it is touchable, no matter how distant it might seems.  Even though I thought I would never touch mine for many many reasons, I have touched it and gone a long way beyond it – now it is your turn to have a go.  Make sure that you have a go as soon as you can, don’t delay, or you might regret it later.