Teach Your Children – Help Them Develop Skills for Life!

Maybe you have had that experience where a child sits on your lap, trying to have a chew on that keyboard, or grabbing at the mouse – and you are trying to hold them back?  Or maybe they are chattering on to, or growling at (yes I have experienced growling) that computer screen in front of you.  If you have ever experienced this you might agree with me that it can be kind of frustrating, but at the same time it is so very cute!  

I write today to say just how important it is in the early stages of a childs life to encourage them in the way to go.  To show them how to use a computer, to teach them how to read and write properly, to teach them how to cook, to spend time with them kicking a footy.  To spend time with your child doing those things that you, as a parent value and that offer your child happy memories.  The more we teach our children, the more they absorb and learn, the happier they are.

I myself learned to touch type at the age of 12 ’cause my Mum and Dad encouraged me and I was keen to learn.  In primary school I learned to research on the computer when I had a school project.  I was also encouraged to take minutes for youth and being a PK (Pastor’s kid) to help Mum and Dad with various admin.  Because of this early exposure to technology and admin I was never afraid of it and gained a skill set that has greatly helped in shaping my life.  I now really enjoy learning new softwares and stumbling across new ways to communicate.  

In the early stages children are like sponges, they absorb everything – and what they learn now will shape them for when they are our age.  Please know that a lot of the things you can teach, or encourage them in can’t be learnt from some manual or training course, it has to come from you.

Our next generation are actually, as I see it, more important than any career, as they are what will shape this world we live in as we grow older.  So – spend time with them, help them grow and you will in the longer term see the benefits it has had on your childs life.