Work Home Balance

Do you ever find that the day goes way too fast that you don’t get too much time to ponder, or worry about anything.  These days for me this seems to be the norm, rather than the exception – but that is absolutely okay.  A good many of these days I feel happy with the amount and quality of the achievements during that day even though the busyness makes it tiring.  I can actually no longer imagine life being the opposite to this.  I suppose I would get bored of life pretty quick if I had not much to do, and maybe even get a little down because I would feel that I wasn’t contributing to something special.

I think that the trick in life is to continually work on that healthy work and home balance.  I have found this to be a progressive skill to learn, we all learn, develop and finetune this skill over time, as we both read and absorb more and more information, and meet and network with new people.  You might like to head over to Flying Solo maybe.  I have found this to be an invaluable resource, with plenty of quality articles written by business entrepreneurs on many subjects, including Work Home Balance.


Meet New People and Build on Current Relationships

We’re talking building both personal and business relationships here. It’s so much fun to meet new people and learn new things from them. Some of us might worry ourselves about meeting someone new almost to the point of being sick. I know that I used to worry, worry, worry about going to a new event and I used to worry, worry, worry about saying something silly around friends or colleagues. These days I don’t worry so much, I kind of let life happen and look forward to meeting those new people tomorrow. I get a little self-conscious sometimes of things that I say or do, but then a little bit is quite healthy – after all if we didn’t ‘worry’ at all about what we said… what would this world be? And you know practice and a bit of time might be all you need to get your confidence up in this area.

Planning for the Years Ahead?

I’ve heard from a good many Business Entrepreneurs that December and January (especially January) are their quiet or slow months.  Maybe this is true for you as well.

For me and my business it has been the total opposite.  Things have really taken off in the last couple of months.  I think a big part of this might be that I have been doing a good lot of goal setting and planning for the year/s ahead.

This quote rings true in my life and business right now:

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combusion.  You must set yourself on fire.”  ~ Arnold H. Glasow

Maybe you have a quote that really speaks to you that you would like to share with us.

What Networking Groups are you involved in?

I am curious as to what Business Networking Groups are available on the web and would like to encourage you to leave a comment at The Virtual Rave or here telling us about the groups you have found to be invaluable to you.  I’m hoping that this might offer links to a wide array of networking forums that business owner’s can then go and check out at their leisure.

Stop, Revive and Survive!

You might know of the saying ‘Stop, Revive and Survive’.  It’s a well known motto in Australia which reminds us not to drive when we are tired.  It reminds us to periodically stop, take a break, have a stretch and maybe even a coffee so that we can last out the journey.  Somehow this made me think of work.  It made me wonder how many people sit there for 12 hours a day or longer, in front of the computer without barely a break.  It also made me wonder how many people work seven days, burning the candle at both ends so to speak.

It is important for our health in plenty of ways to take a periodical break.  It is also important to our health that we allocate at least one ‘Stop, Revive and Survive’ day in a week where we barely (if at all) turn on the computer.

The Balance Between Good Process and Maintaining Friendships

Maybe you already have some good processes in place, or you or your Virtual Assistant are currently setting up some good systems for you to follow.  In setting up and maintaining systems I encourage you to remember to take the needs of others into consideration. There are definitely times when it is best to let something slide, or ease off a little for the sake of a friendship, or for the sake of another person’s health.

Busyness in Business

I don’t know whether anyone else is finding the same this week?  I have been absolutely flat out – and loving it!  I have plenty of work and more seems to keep on coming my way!  It is like that in both business and in life.  One week everything happens in full force and then the next week is so quiet it leaves us twiddling our thumbs and wondering why.  In those quiet times it is important to catch up on all those admin needs for your business – after all, who knows what tomorrow might bring.

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Break time over, time to get back to work…