Our Services


·         Typing and Dictation

·         Email Management

·         Travel Arrangements and Planning

Word Processing of

·         Audio and Digital Transcription

·         Typing and Dictation

·         Reports, Proposals and Quotes

·         Manuals and Books

·         Resumes and Cover Letters

·         Business Documents

·         Newsletters

·         Forms

·         Presentation and Teaching Materials

Writing, proofreading and editing

·         Blogging

·         Newsletters

·         Information and Training Manuals

·         Introduction Booklets

·         Books

·         Letters

·         Resumes and Cover Letters

·         Reports


·         Spreadsheet Design

·         Charts / Graphs

·         Data Collection

·         Reports

·         Statistics / Analysis

·         Financial Data

Mailing Services

·         Customer Lists and Mailing Labels

·         Mailing Lists and Mass Mailings

·         Mail merges

Association Management (local area)

·         Minutes of Meeting

·         Contact Lists

·         Mail Merge and Mailouts

·         Contact Lists

·         Mail Merge and Mailouts

·         Meeting Arrangements

·         Correspondence

·         Bookkeeping (specific to Associations)

Other Services we offer

·         Internet Research

·         PDF Conversion

·         Backing up to CD-Rom

·         Scanning

For more information on our services please go to www.proactiveadminservices.com.

Don’t see your services listed here?  It doesn’t mean we don’t offer this service – please ask!


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