What were your Main Achievements for 2008?

It is good to think back to what we have achieved over the past year.  This helps us to get to know ourselves better, to work out what is really important in our lives and to set goals for the coming year.


Busyness in Business

I don’t know whether anyone else is finding the same this week?  I have been absolutely flat out – and loving it!  I have plenty of work and more seems to keep on coming my way!  It is like that in both business and in life.  One week everything happens in full force and then the next week is so quiet it leaves us twiddling our thumbs and wondering why.  In those quiet times it is important to catch up on all those admin needs for your business – after all, who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Proactive Admin Services News this month focusses on Busyness in Business.  And if you join up for this free newsletter you also receive To Do List templates designed by us to help you organise your day.

Break time over, time to get back to work…

Finding More Time For Christmas

Do you hear this phrase as much as I do? 

“It’s almost Christmas already, where did that year go?!” 

It’s Spring time in Australia at the moment as well which is the traditional time of year for a Spring Clean.  So this got me thinking…

  1. How can I get through the hustle and bustle of Christmas and put the real important stuff forefront this Christmas?
  2. Does my house, my office, my business need a Spring Clean and how can I fit the busyness of one into the small amount of spare time I have?”

I think that getting organised and writing a To Do List is key to this.  Also, in preparation for Christmas and the New Year realising those areas that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant in order to free up some time to get on with the more important stuff; namely spending more time with family and friends, building and growing our businesses, focussing time on our customers.  The list goes on and on and on. 

You might also be thinking “Oh no, I haven’t gotten around to organising those Christmas Cards yet and it’s almost Christmas!”  Or maybe there are some last minute things you want to get done before taking the leap into 2009 which leaves you thinking “How in the world am I going to find the time?!”

If you are stressing, please don’t.  Instead check out my website at http://www.proactiveadminservices.com, or type in Virtual Assistant in your search engines.  There are so many outsourcing options available that you are bound to find the right one for you.  Remember in doing this that quality of the work that you receive back may be dependent on the money value you set aside for this assistant.

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Time for a Spring Clean?

I had a bit of a spring clean over the weekend, even moved the furniture around.  Not a small feat.  It is a wonderful feeling and achievement to now be more organised and functioning at full throttle again with a fresh feel to my office.  Is your office in need of a spring clean?

Sticking to Priorities

Keeping busy?  I am – and I’m absolutely loving it!  The key I think is not only working out our priorities but also sticking to them.  If you don’t have any priorities then there’s a huge problem.  If you have your priorities set out but you’re not sticking to them then the problem is just as big as if you don’t have any priorities at all.  How can we tap into that work / life balance and maximise our achievements if we don’t have any or aren’t sticking to our priorities?

Why Document Procedures?

I would like to share with you today a really good article at Flying Solo, Why You Should Document Procedures.

This article talks about how Documenting Procedures will not only provide you with an instruction manual that someone in your absence might use, but it also provides a massive time saver in that you are not tearing your hair out each month trying to work out what you did next!  Instead you simply go through that same process with ease, with absolutely no effort at all!Anyway, I thought this was a really good article and wanted to share it with you!

Getting Organised!

A cool article on How to Get Organised:


Remember – getting organised helps us to find time for those more important things in our lives!

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