Do you know about Skype?

Do you know about Skype?  Skype is a free software application that can be downloaded from the net offering free Skype to Skype calls and messaging, including being able to chat with multiple users (conference type calls).  It also offers cheaper than normal calls to landline and mobile , plus webcam can be linked up if you wish.  The other advantage is that you can see when your friends, or business colleagues are online and available.  That way you can contact them at a time suitable to them.  For me Skype is both used for business and personal.  And what a handy tool to have!


Check out!

When I came across this arvo I wasn’t quite sure at the time what I had stumbled upon.  I checked back… and my mind boggles!  I felt a need to share this cool resource with others.

For those of you who enjoy blog posting and blog surfing you’ve just got to check out  Cheru Jackson, the person behind this site not only provides his readers with the most up to date information, but also provides a huge amount of traffic to so many of us globally.

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For Virtual Assistants

Not sure if you have heard yet, VA Networking is having a huge birthday bash to celebrate their 5th birthday.  

Every week from now until New Years there will be giveaways I believe.  This week (week 3) they are giving away a heap of high quality, free e-books for VAs.  If you are not yet a member of VA Networking you can sign up here.  Then go to the VA Networking Forum to sign up for the VA Networking birthday bash. 

Stacks of useful information can be found at VA Networking, not to mention the fantastic support network that is there!