Ze Good Deed #7

Most importantly was to take my Children out for the day – spending the time with them!  This is an absolute necessity, to schedule in time with those who we love.  Every Tuesday (yesterday) is my day off and I spend the time with my family, I don’t turn this computer unless I really absolutely have to.  Do you have a scheduled day, or two, or three, or four which you take off?


Ze Good Deed #6 Part 2

Mmm, so I can’t actually pinpoint what good deed number six might have been, it might not have actually happen today (although some really good things happened) because I have had a really very busy day today and it seems like it has kind of been absorbed into the day.  Sometimes other things might get in the way of our plans.  It is good to be flexible and put an idea to the side for a few moment.  What isn’t good is if this seems to be happening every single day of our life!  I strongly believe that we should be working to make a difference in other peoples lives every single day.  Are you making a difference?

Ze Good Deed # 6

Boy this post has been a long time coming!!!  I have had some technical problems and haven’t been able to access my blog for about a month (through no fault of WordPress I might add).

So anyway for good deed number six I think I might help out someone I don’t know tomorrow in some shape or form.  I think I will leave it open see what comes about and report back tomorrow or Tuesday after the event!

Have a great week and have a think about what you might do this week to help out those around you?