Ze Good Deed Number 5

The kids are both pretty much better, yeay.  It’s been really good to focus some time on them to help them to get better much quicker.  That’s the great thing about being a business owner, I can choose the hours I work as long as I make sure that the deadlines for my clients have been met.

Ze good deed number 5 is all about cleaning the house up and making it look nice ready for the visitors coming up from Adelaide and making them feel welcome in our home.  I’ve still got some to do this evening (cleaning that is) but it is getting there and that is the important thing!  I’m starting to get excited as well, they arrive tomorrow after all!  I’m taking some time off over the coming week so that I can spend some time with my cousins and provide them an memorable time while they are here.

I remember some years ago going to a friends house.  They invited us into their home no problem but they did not take one day off to spend with us.  Paul and I were both disappointed and felt quite unimportant.  On the opposite end of this we stayed with another friends and they welcomed us into there home and took most of the time off bar one day (they couldn’t help this one day) and they spent the time with us.  We had soooo much fun together and got to know so much more about each other.

When I found out that they were coming I decided straight away that I would take that break and so did my husband.  We sooo look forward to the opportunities we are presented to welcome our friends and family into our home and trying to provide them with some really memorable moments.


2 Responses

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