The Week of Good Deeds

Do you ever go out of your way for someone?  Why not try to include some time in every day for at least one week some time where you will go completely out of your way for another person.  Maybe you could weave into this week a good deed toward a clients or workmates, maybe include your sister or brother, what about maybe a next door neighbour?  And don’t just focus on your best mates either.  Do it with a smile on your face and take special note of the gift that you receive back – the reaction from the other person!

I’m going to try and post each day for one week on a special thing that I have done, or that someone else has done for me and the reactions that are imprinted on my heart.

No time?  Make some time for those important things in your life, in your day!


One Response

  1. Thats great. I share the same passion.I was talking to a friend yesterday about how good it feels to do something good for others. A unique feeling that one can not explain. She shared with me this site that also helps spread goodness and I feel this is worthwhile sharing here too: A Global Tribe. Its cool read posts from other people all over the world and find out good things they’ve done. You can even share your good deeds too!

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