The Act of Giving

Today I made a shopping list and checked it twice and then lost it in the first shop I was in – aargh!  Bet a couple of you guys and gals are sitting there nodding furiously thinking ‘Yes, I know that feeling oh so well!’  It was busy busy busy in the shops being that it is less than a week until Christmas.   Got most of it done I think and I’m excited about the gifts we have bought friends and family.  Pondering on the act of ‘giving’, I believe that it is important to give gifts to friends and family at Christmas time, but even more important is the gift of time that we are able to offer to them.  I don’t feel that we can buy love, friendship or happiness with a million dollar gift even… it’s the time that we spent with that person and the thought that we put into the gift that counts for more!


What happened yesterday?

What happened yesterday?  How about last week…, last month…, last year even?  I bet you have been served up a portion of both good and not so good experiences – you would be a fairly sheltered person to have only good experiences happen in your life.  Have you managed to get something out of these experiences?  Both good and bad experiences offer a new perspective that can be invaluable in shaping our lives, in moulding the person that we are to become.

What Networking Groups are you involved in?

I am curious as to what Business Networking Groups are available on the web and would like to encourage you to leave a comment at The Virtual Rave or here telling us about the groups you have found to be invaluable to you.  I’m hoping that this might offer links to a wide array of networking forums that business owner’s can then go and check out at their leisure.

Stop, Revive and Survive!

You might know of the saying ‘Stop, Revive and Survive’.  It’s a well known motto in Australia which reminds us not to drive when we are tired.  It reminds us to periodically stop, take a break, have a stretch and maybe even a coffee so that we can last out the journey.  Somehow this made me think of work.  It made me wonder how many people sit there for 12 hours a day or longer, in front of the computer without barely a break.  It also made me wonder how many people work seven days, burning the candle at both ends so to speak.

It is important for our health in plenty of ways to take a periodical break.  It is also important to our health that we allocate at least one ‘Stop, Revive and Survive’ day in a week where we barely (if at all) turn on the computer.

The Balance Between Good Process and Maintaining Friendships

Maybe you already have some good processes in place, or you or your Virtual Assistant are currently setting up some good systems for you to follow.  In setting up and maintaining systems I encourage you to remember to take the needs of others into consideration. There are definitely times when it is best to let something slide, or ease off a little for the sake of a friendship, or for the sake of another person’s health.

Do you know about Skype?

Do you know about Skype?  Skype is a free software application that can be downloaded from the net offering free Skype to Skype calls and messaging, including being able to chat with multiple users (conference type calls).  It also offers cheaper than normal calls to landline and mobile , plus webcam can be linked up if you wish.  The other advantage is that you can see when your friends, or business colleagues are online and available.  That way you can contact them at a time suitable to them.  For me Skype is both used for business and personal.  And what a handy tool to have!