Finding More Time For Christmas

Do you hear this phrase as much as I do? 

“It’s almost Christmas already, where did that year go?!” 

It’s Spring time in Australia at the moment as well which is the traditional time of year for a Spring Clean.  So this got me thinking…

  1. How can I get through the hustle and bustle of Christmas and put the real important stuff forefront this Christmas?
  2. Does my house, my office, my business need a Spring Clean and how can I fit the busyness of one into the small amount of spare time I have?”

I think that getting organised and writing a To Do List is key to this.  Also, in preparation for Christmas and the New Year realising those areas that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant in order to free up some time to get on with the more important stuff; namely spending more time with family and friends, building and growing our businesses, focussing time on our customers.  The list goes on and on and on. 

You might also be thinking “Oh no, I haven’t gotten around to organising those Christmas Cards yet and it’s almost Christmas!”  Or maybe there are some last minute things you want to get done before taking the leap into 2009 which leaves you thinking “How in the world am I going to find the time?!”

If you are stressing, please don’t.  Instead check out my website at, or type in Virtual Assistant in your search engines.  There are so many outsourcing options available that you are bound to find the right one for you.  Remember in doing this that quality of the work that you receive back may be dependent on the money value you set aside for this assistant.

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