Check this out!

I really enjoyed reading this blog post at VAnetworking written by Jaime Lee Mann of Mann Made Time and felt that it would be good to share it with you here:

Yesterday I exhibited at a local business expo and shared booth space with a client of mine who has a similar target market. It made lots of sense and we were glad we were sharing when we realized how poorly the show was attended by members of our target market. Anyway…my client emailed me to see what we could use to decorate the booth that used colors from my brand. She had flowers in her colors and we needed something in Mann Made Time’s orange and blue.

I decided to get a goldfish and put him in a bowl with some blue gravel. I named him ‘Biz’.

At first I thought about all the great little taglines I could use in front of Biz’s bowl:

Too busy to keep your goldfish alive? Time to partner with a VA!

Feel like a fish out of water when it comes to Internet Marketing?

Are you using the right bait to catch the clients you want?

And so on and so forth. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Biz was bigger than all that!  […check out full post at VAnetworking]


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