Own Your Own Business or Looking to Start Up?

Here is a fantastic analogy from Philip Yancey that I could liken to establishing and growing your own business.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


“Once, after an afternoon of hiking in the dust and heat, while loaded down with seventy-pound packs, we paused for a brief rest stop.  One of the group followed a honeybee to a small patch of wild strawberries growing nearby.  No self-respecting grocery store would ever have accepted these strawberries.  They were small and scrawny and coated with dust.  We didn’t care, they were food, and perhaps contained some moisture.  I picked a handful, popped them into my mouth, and was immediately overwhelmed by the incredible flavour of sweet, luscious strawberry juice.  These desiccated little berries were the best I had ever eaten.!  I spent my rest time picking more and stuffing them into plastic bags for an afternoon snack.

                At first I thought we had stumbled upon a new species, the discovery of which would revolutionize the fruit-growing industry.  Gradually I figured out that the tast had to do with my physical condition, not the strawberries’.  The process of using my body and connecting with all my senses had freed up a whole new level of pleasure awareness.  The extraordinary, delicious taste of those strawberries would never have been mine if I had not first felt the heat and toil of hiking all day, as well as the pangs of hunger that sharpened my senses.”


This is from the book “Where is God When It Hurts?” written by Philip Yancey.


Check this out!

I really enjoyed reading this blog post at VAnetworking written by Jaime Lee Mann of Mann Made Time and felt that it would be good to share it with you here:

Yesterday I exhibited at a local business expo and shared booth space with a client of mine who has a similar target market. It made lots of sense and we were glad we were sharing when we realized how poorly the show was attended by members of our target market. Anyway…my client emailed me to see what we could use to decorate the booth that used colors from my brand. She had flowers in her colors and we needed something in Mann Made Time’s orange and blue.

I decided to get a goldfish and put him in a bowl with some blue gravel. I named him ‘Biz’.

At first I thought about all the great little taglines I could use in front of Biz’s bowl:

Too busy to keep your goldfish alive? Time to partner with a VA!

Feel like a fish out of water when it comes to Internet Marketing?

Are you using the right bait to catch the clients you want?

And so on and so forth. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Biz was bigger than all that!  […check out full post at VAnetworking]

Australian or United States English?

As an Aussie I am often left wondering whether to type things on the web in Australian English or US English.  There are actual a fair few differences – although seemingly minor, they are still differences and might be seen as mistakes or errors in another persons eyes.  Just a few of the differences I’ve noticed:

Aussie English ‘Mum’,  US English ‘Mom’
Aussie English ‘cheque’, US English ‘check’
Aussie English ‘authorised’, US English ‘authorized’

I’m sure that you could add a fair few to my list above!  I would love to hear your thoughts on Australian versus US English.

Sticking to Priorities

Keeping busy?  I am – and I’m absolutely loving it!  The key I think is not only working out our priorities but also sticking to them.  If you don’t have any priorities then there’s a huge problem.  If you have your priorities set out but you’re not sticking to them then the problem is just as big as if you don’t have any priorities at all.  How can we tap into that work / life balance and maximise our achievements if we don’t have any or aren’t sticking to our priorities?

Live in the Day!

This quote kind of got me thinking so I thought I might today blog about it: 

“Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.”  Dean Acheson

When reading this quote I immediately thought about some advice offered to me from some people whom I respect and trust, that is we should live one day at a time.  Not in the yesterday, not in the tomorrow – we should live in the ‘today’.

I think that this quote might also be eluding to the fact that things don’t always move as fast as we would like for them to and that old cliché  ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.’