The Good Day?

Do you find that if one thing doesn’t happen quite right early on in the day, then more things seem to follow suit and go wrong?  This is certainly how it happens for me!  I think that maybe when our thoughts are focussed on the negatives then our subconcious attracts even more negatives.  And you know in maths how they say two negatives make a positive – well this doesn’t ring true when we are talking about our life – two negatives make us even more negative!

Think I might do a bit of an experiment.  Maybe the next time I have something go wrong early in the day I will attempt to absolutely flood it with positive thoughts and see where it takes me, have a look at whether my day turns out to be a good one. 

Not sure when the next ‘one of those days’ might be, but I’ll update you on my successes or otherwise when it happens.


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