Why Document Procedures?

I would like to share with you today a really good article at Flying Solo, Why You Should Document Procedures.

This article talks about how Documenting Procedures will not only provide you with an instruction manual that someone in your absence might use, but it also provides a massive time saver in that you are not tearing your hair out each month trying to work out what you did next!  Instead you simply go through that same process with ease, with absolutely no effort at all!Anyway, I thought this was a really good article and wanted to share it with you!


The Last Page of the Internet

Kathie Thomas of A Clayton’s Secretary shared this with us on the Virtual Assistant International Group (VAIG) today.  I just couldn’t help but blog about it here:

Is the internet taking up too much time for you?  Perhaps it’s best you shortcut the process and visit this site – http://www.shibumi.org/eoti.htm.

For Virtual Assistants

Not sure if you have heard yet, VA Networking is having a huge birthday bash to celebrate their 5th birthday.  

Every week from now until New Years there will be giveaways I believe.  This week (week 3) they are giving away a heap of high quality, free e-books for VAs.  If you are not yet a member of VA Networking you can sign up here.  Then go to the VA Networking Forum to sign up for the VA Networking birthday bash. 

Stacks of useful information can be found at VA Networking, not to mention the fantastic support network that is there!

Establishing Good Relationships

Just wanted to remind of just how important it is to establish a good solid longstanding relationships with family, friends, co-workers, business partners and clients.  To build a relationships on trust and good work ethic with those important in your life today.  In doing this your friendships should flourish and your business should grow as word gets around about your good solid work ethic.

Have you built your relationships on trust?  If not, maybe it’s time to re-examine your purpose in this world and refocus on what’s important.

The Good Day?

Do you find that if one thing doesn’t happen quite right early on in the day, then more things seem to follow suit and go wrong?  This is certainly how it happens for me!  I think that maybe when our thoughts are focussed on the negatives then our subconcious attracts even more negatives.  And you know in maths how they say two negatives make a positive – well this doesn’t ring true when we are talking about our life – two negatives make us even more negative!

Think I might do a bit of an experiment.  Maybe the next time I have something go wrong early in the day I will attempt to absolutely flood it with positive thoughts and see where it takes me, have a look at whether my day turns out to be a good one. 

Not sure when the next ‘one of those days’ might be, but I’ll update you on my successes or otherwise when it happens.

Keeping Your Brain Sharp!

Did you know that the best way to keep your brain sharp is to keep it active?  I have heard that blood cells multiply when we use our brain, but they decrease if we do not.  Follow the links below to find some very cool (not to mention free) brain teasers and puzzles: 


How do you Manage when you feel Ill?

It has been absolutely dreadful weather around these parts lately.  It’s hot and then it’s cold and then it’s humid – mother nature must be having a field day!  And what comes with awful weather?  The ‘dreaded lurgy’ of course!  I’ve just gotten over this myself and have needed a couple of days downtime to get over it.

So for the question – what should we do?  How do we get through when we are ill?  I say it’s best not to work if you can get away with it – do as little as you can and just leave the rest.  It is the quality of the work that will suffer; and you and your recovery time of course.  It will be there tomorrow, and the next day if you are still sick the next day and it will still be there the next day after that.  You might be piping up here ‘but I have clients and I need to ensure they are 100% satisfied’.  My question is, how can you 100% satisfy their needs if you are very ‘under the weather’ and needing a whole heap of bed rest?  If there are urgent pending deadlines check out the following for some ideas on how to manage these:

  • You could try asking your client whether you might be able to obtain an extension on that upcoming deadline.  You might be suprised at how understanding they are when they know that you are ill.  Remember – they are human too and so have been ill from time to time.
  • If they aren’t able to provide you with an extension, you could sub-contract the work.  For this to cause little work for you, you might need to do a bit of homework when your not ill.  Try to have a sub-contractor already there; lined up for the times you are sick, or overloaded.
  • If you still have to plug away at it make sure that you have regular lie downs.  Do work in between (the times when you aren’t feeling so green).  Make sure you go to the doctor to seek medical advice early on in the piece so that you can get well quickly.

Maybe you have some tips you would like to add to help other when they feel unwell.