Do you know how to Guesstimate? – and Save money!

When you are next making purchases try and do a quick double check of what they are charging to make sure you are paying the right amount.  And practise this skill – it might just save you money in the hip pocket!  I can’t even recall how many times I have queried that I was paying the right amount, I have probably saved thousands by now!

So, what does the term ‘guesstimate’ mean you might ask.  – Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

Guesstimate is a portmanteau of the words guess and estimate, first used by American statisticians in 1934[1] or 1935.[2] It is defined as an estimate made without adequate or complete information,[3] [4] or, more strongly, as an estimate arrived at by guesswork or conjecture.[2][5] Like the word estimate, guesstimate may be used as a verb or a noun (with the same change in pronunciation).

Definition from Wikipedia:

It pays to get good at guesstimating!


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