Plan Your Journey?

When I first started my businesses, everywhere I went and everywhere I looked, it seemed that business success largely relied on goal setting – both business and personal goal setting.  Today I would like to discuss why this holds such importance.  Maybe you can help me by adding your thoughts?  When I sat down to really think about goal setting and why it holds such importance, this is what emerged:

  • When we walk on a pathway, it is much easier to reach our destination if we are walking on a fully lit pathway.  It is much the same with goals – if we have our goals and aspirations clearly set out in writing and we refer back to them often we are more likely to achieve these goals and reach our destination.
  • Reaching these goals offers a strong sense of achievement and so lights a fire within us to achieve even more.
  • Rewarding ourselves and our co-workers can be incentive to achieve these goals.  A reward encourages the person on the receiving end to work harder to achieve these goals.

Feel free to now add your thoughts on goal setting and why it is fundamental to both business and personal success.


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