Your mission today? To offer Positive Reinforcement in your world!

It is just so important in this busy world to pause and offer some positive words to colleagues, family and friends.  Wow – consider what a huge difference it can make to your relationships!Maybe you recall a time when someone you were doing work didn’t take a moment to stand back and look overall at the work that you produced.  Instead they pulled it to pieces; picking out all those minor things which they would realise really don’t make a difference if they were to take a moment to think about it.  Receiving this negative feedback really does pull a person down… the shoulders start to droop and they start to feel unsure of their abilities, of the work that they produced and the work that they will produce in the future. 

On the other hand – if this same person was to tell this staff member what a wonderful job they have done and then as an afterthought say ‘Oh, do you mind just fixing up these few little things?’ that same staff member will feel good about what they have achieved and will work to do even better work for their manager the next time.

It seems to me to be similar with being a parenting.  If the expectations are too low and a person keeps pulling up that child for those silly mistakes then they will most likely lower to that standard.  But if the expectations for them are high then this same child is taught to ‘think big’ and to work hard to get where they want to go.  But remember, we mustn’t as parents make the mistake of pushing our dreams onto our child.  Make sure that in the end it is their dreams and their goals they are working towards and not yours. 


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