Wow, its Friday already – where has this week gone!

Its Friday already, another busy week has just flown on by!  Reflecting on this reminds me that life is for living.  We should make the most of our lives – live for today, not for tomorrow or yesterday.  It reminds me that work isn’t everything.  It shouldn’t be all there is in life.  Yes, it is very important as we have to work to eat and we must eat to live.  It can also be a source of fulfilment in our lives.  But… yes here’s the ‘but’ – without our friends and family, without that work/home balance all that that work we do, and why, becomes far less desirable.  Refocus on your family and friends for a bit and rejuvenate.  I know that’s what I’m going to do this long weekend!

And here’s a big wow for you: my calculations tell me (well hopefully they are correct – lol) that assuming we work a 40 hour week from the time we are twenty until the time we are fifty-five with a four week holiday break per year, then we will work about 67200 hours in a lifetime, which is about 8400 days or 1680 weeks or 140 months!  Man that’s a LOT of hours!


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