Juggling lifes happenings?

As a Mum and a business owner I know just how important it is to be organised and to move quickly through and past those ‘happenings’ that life throws at us.  Some days run smoothly and are really enjoyable, some days simply fly by, some days go real slow and every now and then we get an ‘off’ day and everything seems to go a little bit haywire.  Maybe this sounds a little bit like your life?

I am going to talk here about just how important it is to know that we all have these small bumps in the road, these hurdles to get over.  And when we go over a bump or hurdle too quickly we are likely to trip and fall.  Or maybe we try to miss it completely making it harder for us to reach our final destination in time – or maybe stop us from reaching that destination all together.  

If we take it at the pace that it requires and look forward to what’s coming up then we can move on and up.  So the next time your life gets a bit bumpy and rough remember that it is what’s required and you will be back on that smooth, graded road again before you know it!  Think of these bumps in the road as things that will 1. Make you a stronger person, 2. Develop your knowledge base and 3. Help you to reach your final destination.  That positive attitude makes all the difference!


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