The Virtual Rave!

I had this idea… and it turned into a blog.  You can have a look at my new blog at My vision is for this blog to transform into a place in which normal everyday people might find out what a Virtual Assistant is. It might also help those people who are unsure about hiring a VA as it will in the future have plenty of ‘good news stories’, not to mention some great business tips submitted by VA’s themselves.

There are ways for both Virtual Assistant’s and for Business Owner’s who would like to Rave about their Virtual Assistant (VA) to participate.  Have a look to find out more!


Your mission today? To offer Positive Reinforcement in your world!

It is just so important in this busy world to pause and offer some positive words to colleagues, family and friends.  Wow – consider what a huge difference it can make to your relationships!Maybe you recall a time when someone you were doing work didn’t take a moment to stand back and look overall at the work that you produced.  Instead they pulled it to pieces; picking out all those minor things which they would realise really don’t make a difference if they were to take a moment to think about it.  Receiving this negative feedback really does pull a person down… the shoulders start to droop and they start to feel unsure of their abilities, of the work that they produced and the work that they will produce in the future. 

On the other hand – if this same person was to tell this staff member what a wonderful job they have done and then as an afterthought say ‘Oh, do you mind just fixing up these few little things?’ that same staff member will feel good about what they have achieved and will work to do even better work for their manager the next time.

It seems to me to be similar with being a parenting.  If the expectations are too low and a person keeps pulling up that child for those silly mistakes then they will most likely lower to that standard.  But if the expectations for them are high then this same child is taught to ‘think big’ and to work hard to get where they want to go.  But remember, we mustn’t as parents make the mistake of pushing our dreams onto our child.  Make sure that in the end it is their dreams and their goals they are working towards and not yours. 

Keep it real!

Keep it real!  Live in the moment!  Live for today; not for tomorrow!  You’ve probably heard all these sayings!  So do you own them – or are you still pondering on them?

Work more effectively – update your filing system!

Establishing good filing systems is very important to the day to day running of a business. There are so many different ways to establish your filing system – what might work for another person might not work so well for you.  Be willing to try new things so that you can find out what does work best for you and your business.  Invest in a good filing system; what I mean by this is invest time into setting up a system that suits your needs and invest your money in some equipment that will help you in getting more organised.

In the long run it will prove to be time and money well spent.  If your filing system is working effectively it should help make you more efficient in what you do and so you will be able to achieve more in less time.  And if you can achieve more you can make a bigger difference in other people’s lives and make some extra dollars along the way.  Being organised can help make you confident in your abilities and being confident in yourself can lead you to success.

Maybe you are sitting there scratching your head, trying to work out how you will ever find the time to set up this filing system.  If you don’t have the time to worry about this area of your business then maybe you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.  Many Virtual Assistants have a wealth of knowledge in this area because they have managed a good many filing systems in their time and have a good idea as to what works and what does not.

For more information on what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is you can click on one of the links below:’s.html

Wow, its Friday already – where has this week gone!

Its Friday already, another busy week has just flown on by!  Reflecting on this reminds me that life is for living.  We should make the most of our lives – live for today, not for tomorrow or yesterday.  It reminds me that work isn’t everything.  It shouldn’t be all there is in life.  Yes, it is very important as we have to work to eat and we must eat to live.  It can also be a source of fulfilment in our lives.  But… yes here’s the ‘but’ – without our friends and family, without that work/home balance all that that work we do, and why, becomes far less desirable.  Refocus on your family and friends for a bit and rejuvenate.  I know that’s what I’m going to do this long weekend!

And here’s a big wow for you: my calculations tell me (well hopefully they are correct – lol) that assuming we work a 40 hour week from the time we are twenty until the time we are fifty-five with a four week holiday break per year, then we will work about 67200 hours in a lifetime, which is about 8400 days or 1680 weeks or 140 months!  Man that’s a LOT of hours!

Our website has made it to cyberspace – take a look!

Today is the official launch of our website – stop by and have a look!  We are at  Our website offers some additional information about us and the services we provide.  You might also like to take a look at our resources page which offers some handy links.

Juggling lifes happenings?

As a Mum and a business owner I know just how important it is to be organised and to move quickly through and past those ‘happenings’ that life throws at us.  Some days run smoothly and are really enjoyable, some days simply fly by, some days go real slow and every now and then we get an ‘off’ day and everything seems to go a little bit haywire.  Maybe this sounds a little bit like your life?

I am going to talk here about just how important it is to know that we all have these small bumps in the road, these hurdles to get over.  And when we go over a bump or hurdle too quickly we are likely to trip and fall.  Or maybe we try to miss it completely making it harder for us to reach our final destination in time – or maybe stop us from reaching that destination all together.  

If we take it at the pace that it requires and look forward to what’s coming up then we can move on and up.  So the next time your life gets a bit bumpy and rough remember that it is what’s required and you will be back on that smooth, graded road again before you know it!  Think of these bumps in the road as things that will 1. Make you a stronger person, 2. Develop your knowledge base and 3. Help you to reach your final destination.  That positive attitude makes all the difference!