Making your intray work for you!

Do you have a separate intray for incoming paperwork?  As you work your way through your intray the rule of thumb is to act on each bit of paper immediately.  Here are some further tips to help you achieve your maximum efficiency when looking after your incoming correspondence:

  • At the same time each day if possible open your incoming mail.

  • Now for the big one – toss what you don’t need!

  • Are there tasks that are quick and will only take 5 minutes to resolve? Resolve these now!

  • Is it easy to resolve with a phone call? If you can completely finish with a piece of paper with one easy phone call, pick up the phone!

  • Or maybe you can add your reply directly to the incoming email, letter or memo and return.

  • Now onto those items that require follow up? Add these to your to do list now. Now you can be confident that they won’t be forgotten about which means you can file them away for a while. It might be a good idea to include on your to do list where you have filed these.

  • Create files to suit; maybe a ‘Reading File’, an ‘Important Project File’, a ‘30-days’ or whatever suits you and your business.  If you have clients you might want to create a working file for each of your clients. Working files can be kept in a step file on your desk, at the front of your filing cabinet, in your in-tray (but not too many in your in-tray or you will never find anything!).

Found these organisational tips useful? Check back in a couple of days for part two of the series ‘Tightening the belt on your outgoing correspondence’.


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