Work Home Balance

Do you ever find that the day goes way too fast that you don’t get too much time to ponder, or worry about anything.  These days for me this seems to be the norm, rather than the exception – but that is absolutely okay.  A good many of these days I feel happy with the amount and quality of the achievements during that day even though the busyness makes it tiring.  I can actually no longer imagine life being the opposite to this.  I suppose I would get bored of life pretty quick if I had not much to do, and maybe even get a little down because I would feel that I wasn’t contributing to something special.

I think that the trick in life is to continually work on that healthy work and home balance.  I have found this to be a progressive skill to learn, we all learn, develop and finetune this skill over time, as we both read and absorb more and more information, and meet and network with new people.  You might like to head over to Flying Solo maybe.  I have found this to be an invaluable resource, with plenty of quality articles written by business entrepreneurs on many subjects, including Work Home Balance.


Make Your Dreams Come True

Mmm, things make me think, oh so often.  Maybe I should do some training to teach my brain how to rest for just a little while, at the moment it very rarely takes a rest.  I am a Mum in business with so many responsibilities.  I love being with God and doing things for him, I love spending the time with my husband, I love running around and having fun with my children, I love catching up with friends, I love being a business entrepreneur and I want to be able to do the best in all that I do.  I get things completely wrong at times, I forget what’s most important.  I think we all do that at times, and then I remember again and I grow from this series of mini experiences called life.  I have learned to say ‘no’ over time, this is a very powerful tool to learn to use.  I have also had to relearn it, the mind can forget when the circumstances change sometimes.  I have learned to become my own person and I try not to worry about what others around me think.  This can be so hard, I think it is good to worry to a certain degree as I really believe that this is what keeps our values lined up with what is good.

Becoming a business entrepreneur had been a dream of mine for a real long time, since I finished school I think.  It hardly felt like it was reachable back then though.  It just so happened that it was not going to stay only in my dreams forever, now it is my past, present and future – and I’m so excited about this!  I have ideas, oh I have so many of ideas!  I’m that sort of person, the creative type that wants to experience so much.  Sometimes I seem to lack the patience while I am on the journey, but I have learnt just recently that it is a really good thing to be on the journey, that once I reach the final destination then what more would there be – so thinking about it I now look forward, and always want to be on that journey called life.

Maybe you are searching for what you want to do, to be?  If you have had a dream for a long time but didn’t think that you could reach it, please do know that it is touchable, no matter how distant it might seems.  Even though I thought I would never touch mine for many many reasons, I have touched it and gone a long way beyond it – now it is your turn to have a go.  Make sure that you have a go as soon as you can, don’t delay, or you might regret it later.

Live, Breath for the Moment

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, as is every day in my life!  Some times I forget to live in the moment as does anyone.  I try to remember, it can get hard when so much stuff is going on.  We might live in the yesterday, or in the tomorrow – but we should try our hardest to live in the moment.

Meet New People and Build on Current Relationships

We’re talking building both personal and business relationships here. It’s so much fun to meet new people and learn new things from them. Some of us might worry ourselves about meeting someone new almost to the point of being sick. I know that I used to worry, worry, worry about going to a new event and I used to worry, worry, worry about saying something silly around friends or colleagues. These days I don’t worry so much, I kind of let life happen and look forward to meeting those new people tomorrow. I get a little self-conscious sometimes of things that I say or do, but then a little bit is quite healthy – after all if we didn’t ‘worry’ at all about what we said… what would this world be? And you know practice and a bit of time might be all you need to get your confidence up in this area.

Living and Loving Life

Over the last few months plenty has happened in my life and in my business. I have found that I have experienced a lot of growth in many areas since January. I am now thinking about expanding into many areas in which I would have never dreamed of setting foot in a couple of years back. I believe that this is what happens when we open our hearts and minds to new things, and are proactive. A few main points that I seem to continually come back to that are important in both our own personal lives and our career are:

> Continue to meet new people and build on current relationships.
> Gain a good understand of who you are and how you think.
> Reflect on those experiences that are new to you.
> Spread your wings – be prepared to grow and move outside the boundaries that you previously set for yourself.
> And above all keep in the moment!

My Not-So-Great Birthday Present

For my birthday, about a month ago, another car crashed into the back of our car while I waited to turn right into our local video store, my car was stationary at the time.  The main reason that this happened was because the red car which was directly behind me at the time ducked into the left hand lane at the very last minute making it absolutely impossible for the grey car (the one that crashed into me) to see me in good time.  I won’t go into the details of my last month – thankfully nobody was hurt, but I have to say it did cause a lot of inconvenience for me and my family.

This incident has made me think a little, or maybe a lot…

First up it has greatly increased my awareness of the distance between my vehicle and another vehicle.  Since the accident I often look behind me and worry about whether that car behind me is going to slow down in time and I am more cautious with my driving, with the distance between me and the car in front of me.

It has also made me think about  the impatience that most of us have in us these days, which shows through especially when we are driving.  We hurry up to make it through that light that is about to turn red, we follow too closely behind another person, we overtake when we really shouldn’t – and for what?  To gain a few seconds, or minutes maybe, so we can get to our destination slightly quicker.  When I think about it it seems so selfish to risk the lives of not only ourself, but of others by this dangerous driving.  To me, thinking about it, it doesn’t make any sense at all.  So the next time you drive have a think about how fast you are driving, have a think about whether you have left enough distance between you and the car in front of you, think about stopping at that orange light rather than speeding up to make it through.  Consider both your own life and those around you as valuable and not to be messed with.

Ze Good Deed #7

Most importantly was to take my Children out for the day – spending the time with them!  This is an absolute necessity, to schedule in time with those who we love.  Every Tuesday (yesterday) is my day off and I spend the time with my family, I don’t turn this computer unless I really absolutely have to.  Do you have a scheduled day, or two, or three, or four which you take off?